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Dalwood Nursery offers grafted Macadamia seedlings in a range of pot sizes. All plants are grown in rigid pots to enhance root training and development. 




At Dalwood Nursery, a healthy, clean organised growing environment means quality trees. Owner, Mark Keen, is a qualified and passionate horticulturalist who understands the science behind propagating the finest quality Macadamia’s. Dalwood Nursery’s quality controlled growing environment starts from the roots up, with a focus on growing media, root development and plant nutrition.

The Dalwood Nursery Difference

At Dalwood Nursery we create the best possible environment using only premium inputs from accredited suppliers to establish the highest quality macadamia seedlings for the conscientious grower large or small.


Dalwood Nursery utilises nursery best practices and is currently undergoing NIASA Accreditation for general nursery and macadamia seedling production.


Our growing media is of the highest standard with a specially blended nutrition program to ensure continuous and vigorous growth throughout the growing cycle.


Macadamia seedlings are available to order on both H2 and Beaumont rootstocks. Our seed nut is collected from only the highest quality production orchards. Scion wood is collected from irrigated orchards providing the highest quality ‘true to type’ varieties.


We grow our seedlings to maturity with several checkpoints in place to ensure we meet the current Macadamia standards and only release the highest quality trees from the 'roots up' to our customers.


We offer a range of rigid pot sizes depending on the customer’s requirements and have a pickup and return policy for all containers ensuring the reduction in plastics and waste in our nurseries.


Competitive freight prices are available to all areas of Australia with the highest possible care in packing and handling.


We offer advice about Macadamia varieties including tree growth, habit and general performance to help when deciding your potential orchard varietal mix.

Dalwood Nursery has become known amongst industry professionals, growers and consultants as one of the premier Macadamia production nurseries in Australia.


Our mission:


‘To be the leader in quality and continuous supply of the latest Macadamia varieties to the Australian Macadamia Industry’

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