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Australia’s leading supplier of premium quality

Macadamia plants and seedlings.


Plant Nursery

Discover why Dalwood Nursery is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of premium quality Macadamia plants and seedlings.

Ornamental Plant Nursery

View our range of ornamental plant varieties including Ficus, Murraya and Star Jasmine.


Open to trade, landscapers and retail plant nurseries.




Find out why we are producing the finest Macadamia Trees in the country.

About Dalwood Nursery

Dalwood Nursery is located in the lush sub-tropical hinterland of Far North Coast NSW ideal for the commercial production of a wide range of plant species including Macadamia tree seedlings. Owned and operated by Mark and Jennie Keen, the Nursery was established in 2004 and has continued to grow quality plants and build strong relationships over the past 15 years.


Extending over two locations in both Dalwood and Wollongbar, ‘Dalwood Nursery’ is a specialist container nursery supplying a range of commercial ornamental species to the wholesale/retail nursery and Landscape markets.

About Dalwood Nursery

Growing with you.

Dalwood Nursery has become known amongst industry professionals, growers and consultants as one of the premier Macadamia production nurseries in Australia. Our mission is ‘To be the leader in quality and continuous supply of the latest Macadamia varieties to the Australian Macadamia Industry’


Dalwood Nursery is currently growing quality Macadamia seedlings for some of largest macadamia orchards in Australia. Whether it be a quick purchase of 10 plants or an order for 300,000 trees, Dalwood Nursery guarantee to provide you with premium quality, disease free Macadamia trees, nourished from the roots up.


Dalwood Nursery is a ‘Preferred Supplier’ by the Australian Macadamia Society and licensed propagator for QSGA and the Macadamia Conservation Trust (MCT).


Dalwood Nursery is currently undergoing NIASA Certification in ‘Nursery Best Practice’ for ornamental and Macadamia Seedling production. Dalwood Nursery uses only NIASA accredited businesses for all nursery inputs.

Our Staff

The most important asset in our business is our dedicated and loyal employees working to achieve our Mission here at Dalwood Nursery. We focus on providing a stable, safe working environment with an inclusive, positive atmosphere.

“At Dalwood Nursery, we’re just one great big family. Our staff love working here and they all play an important role in the collaboration of ideas and success of the Nursery.”


Mark & Jennie Keen

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